Sunday, August 5, 2012

Healthy Food Shopping - Vegetables (Part Two)

In giving the world my 2-cents in how best to pinch pennies and save money, I have to work around my personal dilemma; How to maintain good health while spending hard-earned money in a way which doesn't break the bank.
In one of the cruel ironies of our market economy, it's actually cheaper purchase unhealthy foods than to purchase more healthy foods which prolong our lifespans. In the short-term, processed foods, complete with their empty calories and dangerous levels of unhealthy fats help us make it from paycheck to paycheck with a small level of financial peace-of-mind. In the long-term, they will impact our general health, which potentially adds another dimension to our life's problems, that of the impact health care costs to address issues tied to our diets.
Healthy eating is a little more expensive, but has the opposite long-term payoff. And there are ways to circumnavigate the confusing maze of thinking required to lessen the financial strain of healthy eating. such as when shopping for healthy eating, stick to the outside perimeter of your local grocery store...where fruits, vegetables, and the more healthy selections are stocked).

Watch the following segment from a recent NBC's The Today Show for other tips.

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