Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Where To Find Post-Christmas Bargains...

It's the day after Christmas 2012, and if you're like me, you are looking for the post-Christmas Day bargains that you weren't able to find prior to the biggest spending occasion of the year. And being early morning as I write and post this piece, you are probably chomping at the bit to dash out the door to hit the ground running to look for bargains. According to retail industry experts, many retailers have already begun slashing the prices of in-stock merchandise in preparation to make room to seasonal inventory. That's a boon for customers looking for deep-cut bargains.
Taking some time to search the 'net will pay for itself insomuch as bargains. Sites like are a good start.
In addition, I have taken the liberty to post whom has, and where to find the best after-Christmas Day bargains.
Target is also offering great deals on Christmas day online along with their after Christmas sale. Target is giving away a $10 gift card when your purchase is $75 or more. This store has deals in all their departments with an emphasis on electronics with great deals on all the gadgets you might have wanted for Christmas, but didn’t get.
Target: Promo code for your $10 gift card is XMASGIFT (this is good for online only).

Best Buy is also making preparations to get in on the post-Christmas sales rush. The troubled electronics retailer is featuring several big deals, including a bargain on the Galaxy Note II, which is dropped in price to $249.99 when you sign-up for a two-year activation. Best Buy is rolling out all types of sales and deals for the day after Christmas both in the store and online. This sale starts on Dec. 26, and continues for four days. In addition to the bargains being offered by the major retailers, bargain-hunters can get even more possible savings by searching out coupons and/or promotional codes.

Kohl’s department store is offering Gold star clearance items at between 60-80% off. is boasting 60% off select books (my personal favorite past time) titles.

Gordon’s Jewelers is hosting up to 70% off on clearance items – plus an extra 20 percent off if you buy online More than 1,000 pieces have been discounted for this sale, including engagement rings.

In addition, sites like tend to have a line on coupons which can be printed out and used in many online and brick-and-mortar retailers.
Naturally this isn't an exhaustive list of after-Christmas deals.  However, it does illustrate the point that taking a few moments to research where the best deals are can save both money and the wear-and-tear on the seat of your pants as you kick yourselves for spending more than you should.

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