Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catchy New K-Mart Ads...Laugh Out Loud Good!

As a child, I remember that K-Mart was the Walmart of the day. It was simply the place to go for people on the lower-end of the economic scale (which we were growing up). You could go there, and buy toys, electronics, and clothes (of course this was before the advent of clothing lines that were meant to convey status and/or popularity). K-Mart was the lower-end competitors to (then) higher-end stores like J.C. Penny, Sears, and the like. I can personally attest to the retail store saving many a Christmas growing up for my family as well as many others.
However, later came competition from other discount retail chains such as Target, Walmart, and the various “dollar only” stores. Because of these later competitors, K-Mart found itself on the economic ropes in recent years, even agreeing to merge with now fellow struggling chain store Sears…to less than stellar sales.
But K-Mart might have just redeemed itself from its years-long economic spiral into retail irrelevance with two new edgy television ads that even makes me want to go back to the retailer to see what deals I might be able to find. Take a look at the ads posted below as you struggle to try to avoid smiling, laughing out loud, or jump into your vehicles and see if the deals are as appealing as their new ad campaigns!

Needless to say, I will be reporting right here any values and deals that might be the result from this new-found interests in the age-old (and suddenly more interesting) retailer.

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